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Honor is about dealing with the consequences

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Happy Birthday.It's so nice when a birthday falls on the weekend.
Have a splendid day!

Happy Birthday
Many happy returns on your special day.

On parenting.
I think the trickiest part of being a parent is trying to figure out what parts I'm supposed to cling to hardest.

With a little kid, I can protect, guard, grab and hug and roll around on the floor while kissing whatever parts are closest. I can ask about how it went at school, and keep pushing until I get a pretty complete answer.

Teenagers are nerve endings all over. I have to respect his dignity and privacy. I have to nag about things that are neglected or any worrisome detail, no matter how intimate. Or how much of a pain that makes me. I have to knock on the bedroom door - that's fine, but I also have to go on and on and on about putting dirty clothes in the laundry and moving all the dirty glasses that pile up in his room back to the kitchen.

Teenagers, or at least *my* teenager, wants space as well as attention. How do I stay involved when my questions all get the same answer? School was ok, my friendships are fine, I'm doing my homework right now, no I don't need help with it. Yes, I'll go to bed soon, yes I'm using the retainer, no I don't want to go down to the DMV for my driving test right now.

I can't seem to get in anymore.

A remark that is supposed to be a gentle tease can come across as an insult. A casual reminder wasn't intended to be condescending. An absent minded explanation wasn't meant to be a pedantic factoid.

God, sometimes all I want is to curl up with him until he falls asleep, and cuddle him for hours. I could do that ten years ago, hell I could come up with excuses to do that four years ago. Now...

I miss that.

Well, the yardwork company says they'll be here tomorrow to dig holes for my new roses. Since the J&P website says the roses were supposed to ship last week, I have to be grateful that they haven't yet arrived. Here I am, laid up with a nasty head cold, and I *need* to start my spring gardening. In fact, I should have pruned the established roses last week.

Oh the up side, it's SPRING! At least for today. Just barely not warm enough, but gorgeous weather. I have the house opened up, and the breeze is cleaning out a winter's worth of old odors.

If my throat didn't feel like I ate an ice pick, I'd probably be singing "Boom-di-ya-da". Seeing as how I completely lack dignity when I'm alone in the house. I think I'll find it on Youtube and play it on repeat. I'm not generally this cheerful when I feel this bad...

I chose "indescribable" for my very first smilie, because I couldn't find one that was "grumpy/cheerful"

Writer's Block: The kindness of strangers
If someone insults you when you're walking down the street, what do you do?

Ignore them. Don't know them, not interested in them. Or their opinions about me.